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released April 24, 2016

Recorded by Tom Pimlott at Flex House.
Mastered by Scott Rockingham.

Neutral Words Records.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Urban Force
All I see is self sympathy, always asking why's it me?All I see is you on your knees, delaying when your time ends.
You gotta beg for the hope, you gotta change or it's the rope.
Primitive living and I'm still getting mine, you can shake your own hand, you ain't shaking mine. They say there's 10 million ways to die so maybe i'll come for you one of these nights.
Choke on the fucking rope.
Pissing on your fucking hope.
You cunts already know.
Choking on the fucking rope.
Track Name: Welfare Warfare
Product of the system, someone else's problem.
Steal, cheat, fuck, kill, it's all on them.
If you gotta do what it takes to survive then you gotta be down to steal and fight. It's city rat living and living ain't easy. The vice will always get you and the streets show no pity, so you better take by force or watch it slip away. Everyone's out to get you from cradle to the grave.
Track Name: Streets of Rage
Violence ain't the answer but violence is my fix, I got no problem fighting, you know i'm mad for it. Chew you up, spit you out. Streets of Rage.
Chase that fucking thrill, settle every score, if you come at me, i'll come for you and yours. There ain't no real reason, I just like the thrill, violence is my business and business is fucking ill.
Track Name: Social Threat
Morals are the reason that you give a shit so I spit on your own misery that you create. One like the rest, scared of the unknown, shook at the thought of no self control. I'm the fucking rodent, social parasite, part of the problem on the streets at night and if you got a problem, get the fuck outta the way cause trouble follows me and there's trouble every day.